GATE at McPherson

GATE Referrals

All 3rd Grade Students will be tested for GATE in February/March of each year unless they are opted out by a parent.  For students in 2nd & 4th-6th grades, students are referred by the teacher or parents.  Parents may submit an online referral form on the OUSD GATE website.  Referrals are due in December in order for students to be assessed in January/February.  Link to the GATE website

3rd - 5th Grade McPherson Students

GATE identified students will be grouped together to form a GATE cluster.  The teacher is then able to differentiate instruction for the GATE cluster in order to meet their needs.  The majority of McPherson 3rd-5th grade teachers are GATE certified.

Sixth - Eighth Grade McPherson Students

Honors math possibilities are based on successful completion of the AMC Mathematics course in 6th grade:

Honors Math 6 and 7, (Honors Math 1 (previously Algebra), and Honors Math II (previously Geometry), 

Honors 7th/8th grade English