GATE Referrals

All 3rd Grade Students will be tested for GATE the first of each year.  For students in 2nd & 4th-6th grades, students are referred by the teacher.  Parents may submit an online referral form on the GATE website.  There is a window of time in December to submit the online referral form.  After the referral window closes, students will be screened.  Link to the GATE website

McPherson's Plan For GATE Identified Students, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade:     

FITT  (Future Innovators for Today and Tomorrow) is a new program that McPherson Magnet has implemented for 3rd - 5th grade. FITT is designed to challenge and accelerate our “GATE identified” and advanced students.  The program utilizes differentiated instruction, hands-on learning, and enhanced practices. More importantly, it allows your child to remain at McPherson, opening opportunities for them to participate in our award-winning STEM programs while retaining your position in the lottery.

30 (3rd) and 33 (4th and 5th) of the highest scoring students will be invited into the program. Students will rotate through three teachers daily: a Math Specialist, a Language Arts Specialist, and a Science Specialist (with integrated history concepts). The program is about acceleration — not about more work. FITT classrooms will be BRIDGING standards (for example, teaching some 4th grade standards to the 3rd grade FITT students) as well as offering extra opportunities through the following programs. These programs are in addition to the curriculum that McPherson currently offers.

Sixth - Eighth Grade McPherson Students

Honors possibilities through AMC mathematics course (Accelerated Math 7, Honors Math 1 (previously Algebra), and Honors Math II (previously Geometry), Honors 7th/8th grade English and History