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Welcome to McPherson Magnet School. A magnet school for math, science, and technology, McPherson offers a unique, enriched, integrated curriculum accompanied by a strong core of basic skills for all students. Students will construct knowledge, while classrooms provide an environment that fosters curiosity to explore and experiment while mastering basic skills and concepts. McPherson is committed to providing a safe environment that promotes a climate of caring, respect, and personal responsibility.



Learning is at the heart of our purpose for existence - Inspiration * Discovery * Knowledge
Our purpose and our values at McPherson define who we are and how we behave. It directs and inspires us to give our best. The McPherson Learning Community is committed to…..
  1. Nurturing an academic community, honoring individual strengths, talents, and learning styles.
  2. Inquiry-based learning through critical thinking, questioning, discovery, problem solving, risk-taking, and inventive thinking.
  3. Integrating all curricular areas through the magnet focus of math, science, and technology.
  4. Research and data-based instruction.
  5. Creating relevant, high-quality products which extend beyond the walls of the classroom.
  6. Mastery of identified essential concepts and skills for every child.
  7. Meeting the needs of each child with systematic and timely intervention.
  8. Global citizenship through understanding, compassion, respect, collaboration, and personal responsibility for self, school, community, and environment.